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2019 Mercury Retrograde, 2019 Mercury Retrograde Guide

2019 Mercury Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde and your Star Sign

Mercury Retrograde 2019, Mercury Retrograde and your Star Sign, 2019 Mercury Retrograde Guide. Mercury Retrograde March 6 to March 29, 2019. Mercury Retrograde March 6 at 29° of Pisces.
You may experience miscommunications or correspondence that becomes lost and it would be a really good idea to make sure to double check that your communications have actually gone through. There is a higher chance now that your device or connectivity may not be working properly. This is a good time to put up a guard, a sort of personal firewall if you will for your own personal safety online such as really evaluating new people who want to connect with you on social media over the next four weeks.
Since mercury represents all things that have to do with writing, speaking, communications, commerce and electrical devices. Mercury is in retrograde state these areas of your life could run into delays, complications, misunderstandings or cancellations. It can be a confusing time and for some rather frustrating as well but Mercury retrograde is something that happens much like the seasons. They’re not necessarily malefic or bad, it’s just a phase, like a season or temporary weather and nothing to be freaked out about.
After all, you’ve been through this many times before. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year on average for three weeks at a time. Each time Mercury is retrograde in a different sign the essence of the influence for you can be slightly different. Mercury is currently in the watery side of Pisces where it wants to stimulate your creativity, imagination and sense of beauty. This is wonderful for musicians, artists, photographers, painters and writers. Pisces is also a very romantic sign that is sensitive and secret.
When Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Pisces it can encompass many of the traits of Pisces. Negatively, this can bring a false sense of security or reality for some people. This can be a time of great confusion and uncertainty where facts will not be clear for a few weeks.
Even more negatively for a very few people, this can be a time of an emotional breakdown or where you’re not thinking in your own best interests. Some people want to escape possibly with a bottle or drugs.
Other planets also influence Mercury when it is retrograde over these next few weeks including Neptune the planet associated with mystery and illusion. Mercury is also the modern ruler of Pisces, Jupiter is Pisces ancient ruler. Mercury is also close to asteroid Chiron also known as the wounded healer centaur. Chiron is an unusual asteroid that is associated with a place between past karma and new karma. Chiron is also associated with outer worldly subjects, spirits and UFOs. Mercury is sandwiched in between these two planetary energies. This can make some people feel like they are very disconnected from other people of the world whether this is literally or figuratively. It’s like they feel like a misfit or like they are from an alien race.
With these planetary energies influencing mercury retrograde already in the sign of emotional Pisces, know that the next few weeks could be very confusing much more than usual. Take what you hear with a grain of salt because you’re very likely not getting the full story. If you have something important going on in your life, tread carefully and make sure you read the fine print. In approximately 3 to 4 weeks, new information will come to light that will reveal the information that you need to know.
Mercury retrograde is known as a trickster and if he were a Tarot Card, he would be the seven of swords stumbling with his busy life. This is a time when it is very confusing and there is a higher chance of secrets, lies, over exaggeration and deception. It is certainly an unfavorable time for business and travel. I don’t advise making any big investments or risks with your money at this time. Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t get lost in any delusions.
When mercury makes an angle to mighty Jupiter in Sagittarius there will be a tendency to see things are much bigger and better than they actually are. There is a tendency for people to be overly optimistic or promise way too much then they can deliver in actuality or to be brutally honest and speak before they think. Be careful how you say things or you could really sound like an idiot or hurt someone with your version of the truth.
To be sure of the facts you will have to do some research your self and decide whether the people that are promising these things are true or are they trying to deceive you. You can expect the confusion to intensify when Jupiter makes a square to Neptune possibly turning your life into a carnival of fun or a real shit show.
Travel could bring delays, re-routing, scheduling delays or cancellations. I advise you to double and triple check all your travel arrangements and give yourself plenty of extra time because you will need it.
This is not the most favorable time for travelling especially to a foreign country overseas. There will be other favorable times for travelling but this is not one of them. Not that everything is going to end in disaster but think of it like this. When you are going out and you can see it is pouring rain, commonsense tells you there’s a good chance you might get wet. If you wait to go out when it is nice out, there’s a good chance that it will be pleasant. If you travel while Mercury is retrograde there is a good chance that you will have delays, frustrations or challenges. One of the only exceptions to this rule I have seen over the years is if you are travelling to a location you have been before. In that case, Mercury retrograde will not be such of a problem.
Mercury retrograde is a minor influence on your life and nothing to be afraid of. It is major aspects and challenging eclipses that bring catastrophe to your life not mercury retrograde. There are actually things you can do favorably during Mercury retrograde just to let you know it’s not all negative.
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