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Mercury Retrograde 2016 Virgo

Mercury Retrograde 2016-2017

Mercury Retrograde 29 degrees of Virgo August 30, 2016 at 8:04 AM EST
Mercury retrograde 29 degrees of Virgo August 30, 2016 at 8:04 AM EST During Mercury retrograde through the sign of Virgo the main theme will be in the details. Mercury is also known as the Messenger of the Gods and governs over all forms of communication, commerce, writing and speech. Since Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo and Gemini, anyone with their Sun, Moon or ascendant in these signs will be effected the most by this phase of Mercury retrograde.

Virgo is an intellectual and very analytical earth sign who wants the facts first and foremost. At this time expect people to be much more critical and finicky about life and situations in general. Since Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house in the zodiac which rules work and health, much of the challenges associated with Mercury retrograde could be associated with these areas of your life. This is really a time when you must prove the validity of your work and speech. Virgo wants to analyze every single word and detail to get to the truth of the matter. There could be extra electronic and computer snafus revolving around the workplace at this time as well as expected coworkers to be crankier than usual. Resist the urge to stand up to the boss or to talk back rudely to your coworkers as it can come back to bite you later. The fact is that all information is clouded or will be misinterpreted at this time and will not be clear to understand until after Mercury goes direct. Life will slowly begin to get back to normal and pick up speed. If you were an astro nerd such as myself you will wait until after mercury reaches its out of shadow phase October 8 which is the degree and sign which it entered the Mercury retrograde period to be extra sure. Mercury stations direct on September 21, 2016 Mercury out of shadow phase October 8, 2016
During a retrograde transit there is a higher than average chance of missed appointments, problems associated with communications, travel chaos, computer crash’s, electronic or mechanical problems and general confusion. That said, Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time for a redo or to finish up projects you have already begun. Before Mercury goes retrograde, back up your files on your computer, double-check your appointments, travel plans and commitments. 

Don't worry, surviving Mercury retrograde is easy and it's a wonderful time for a redo. Re-calibrate and restructure the things in your life holding you back. Before Mercury goes retrograde, back up all your files on your computer and double-check all your appointments and commitments. You can easily survive Mercury retrograde by reviewing your life. Are you happy with the direction it is taking? Re-evaluate and make improvements. Reorganize and reduce your clutter. Give old items to charity. Rewrite your bio and replace old photos on social media sites. Double-check all travel plans. Give yourself plenty of time. Complete projects that you have already started. Clean your living space and environment. Take a class or a new course of study. Read everything you sign, twice and above all, go with the flow because everything happens for reason.

There is a big emphasis on the earth signs in 2016 which will shift our focus to more earthly matters, hard work and logical thinking. Mercury is the earth signs are like a voice of reason pushing you towards logical thinking, reasoning, studies and being frugal. You can gain the most benefit from this by working hard towards your goals. Mercury is encouraging and nudging us towards a more stable way of life now. Life can't be a party all the time, sometimes you just have to get the job done. Life will begin to get back to normal; however it is best to wait until Mercury leaves its shadow phase on October 8th when it reaches 29 degrees of Virgo to be extra sure. Business, travel and communications will run much smoother at that time. Watch my video on Mercury Retrograde for more information on the subject. 
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