Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Venus Retrograde 2017
by Lisa Paron

Venus the planet most associated with money, love and sex will be going retrograde on March 2 until April 15. Venus retrograde is when the planet Venus appears to be orbiting in a slowed down and backwards state as observed here from earth. Of course this is only an optical illusion however it has being documented for thousands of years astrologically as being a time when matters of love, sex and business are not as harmonious as usual. Thankfully this only happens once every 18 months or so.

Venus retrograde is a time when you may be re-evaluating your relationships and partners in life. Generally this is an unfavorable time to start a new relationship as once Venus goes direct later on you will scratch your head wondering what attracted you to this person in the first place. This is not a favorable time to get married, to start a business or to have cosmetic surgery. Venus retrograde is also a time that you do not want to experiment with your looks such as a new beauty makeover or drastic new hairdo, this is not the time as you will likely end up with a hair don’t. You will find you will have unfavorable results and you won't like it. As well it is not a favorable time to purchase expensive or luxury items such as jewelry, a new car or a home. You will probably find once Venus goes direct that there is a flaw with these items or you don't like them anymore.
To help remedy the effects of Venus retrograde carry a Rose Quartz crystal gem stone to attract harmony and love into your life.

Other planetary influences interacting with Venus retrograde include the Sun conjunct Venus on March 25th which overall is a harmonious angle in a challenging time. Venus will square Saturn on April 8th making for a pessimistic view on love or a day to receive little affection. People will be fickle about love and difficult to please under this aspect. Already unstable relationships may experience more challenges or may require more work to repair.

Venus Retrograde for all Sun signs

Venus will retrograde in your 1st house of your physical body and image. You may be feeling like you are physically tired or have temporarily lost your groove but it will be back soon.

Venus retrograde in your 12th house of behind the scenes matters and secrets. There is a possibility of an old love interest will re-enter your life.

Venus retrograde in your 11th house of friends and social activity. It is possible he will be re-evaluating your friends at this time or you may meet a new love interest that you meet through your friends.

Venus will retrograde in your 10th house of career and recognition. You may encounter delays or challenges associated with pay raise or promotion. A new job started at this time may not work out the way you would like.

Venus will retrograde in your 9th house of higher education and long-distance travel. You may discover that your studies may cost more than you believed or you may meet a new love interest while on a holiday.

Venus will retrograde in your 8th house of joint income and estate matters. There could be delays or challenges around joint income, court proceedings or inheritances. Some of you will be obsessed with sexual desire.

Venus will retrograde and your 7th house of partners and relationships. You may find yourself rehashing or revisiting old wounds in your relationships. Keep a cool head when having a heart to heart for the best success. A new love interest may also enter your life and complicate things.

Venus will retrograde in your 6th house of work, service and health. This may cause delays or challenges associated with a pay raise or new job opportunity. There is also a possibility of a past health issue resurfacing.

Venus retrograde in your 5th house of recreation, creativity and romance. You may discover a new hobby has a higher price tag then you anticipated or you may experience challenges or delays in your romance zone.

Venus will retrograde in your 4th house of your home and family. It is possible that you will have repairs or upgrades to your home that may cost more than you anticipate. It is also possible you will have an emotionally stirring event with your family.

Venus will retrograde in your 3rd house of writing, communication and your neighborhood. You may experience misunderstandings or miscommunication so it is advisable to double check all of your appointments. There's a possibility of a conflict with your neighbor.

Venus will retrograde in your 2nd house of money and material gain. You may experience challenges or delays as Venus puts your money situation on hold for the time being. Money could be flowing out as easily as it is flowing in at this time so take care with how you spend your money.

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