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Eclipse 2018, Eclipse 2018 Effects Sun Signs

Eclipse 2018 Effects Sun Signs

Eclipse 2018 Effects Sun Signs, Eclipse Astrology 2018, Solar Eclipse February 15, 2018, How will the Eclipse affect your Sun Sign?
Eclipses are celestial events that indicate change, opportunities, new beginnings and sometimes endings. In ancient times eclipses were believed to be omens of new beginnings and sometimes even of doom. People in ancient times believe eclipses were evil spirits who attacked the Sun and the Moon. They would run about screaming at the spirits to go away. In modern times we know eclipses usually represent times of change or new opportunities coming your way for good or for bad.
The Solar Eclipse on February 15, 2018 at 27° Aquarius 1′, highlights positive change to partners, relationships and marriage. This is generally a time that brings life lessons and improvements into your life. A Solar Eclipse signals a celestial time of change.

In ancient times an Eclipse was seen as an omen of things to come. 
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Solar Eclipse February 15, 2018 at 27 degrees of Aquarius

The Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees of Aquarius will bring on Aquarian themes into play. Aquarius represents groups of people, organizations, space and science as well as air travel. If you birthday is on or close to the day of the eclipse, you may have an incredible year with many magical or unexpected surprises. Marriage, partnerships and business associations will also be a subject under the spotlight.
At this time we may hear news about or involving protests, uprisings, humanitarian groups, the LBGT community, new technology, scientific achievement or space discovery or travel, maybe even UFO’s. There is also likely going to be a surge in powerful or intense weather globally with shakeups, tornadoes, hurricanes and electricity related storms.
Eclipses reveal the past as well as point to the future of our personal existence. In a person’s horoscope, the eclipses that took place before birth trigger life events. In 2018, Eclipse season has already begun for some people as the eclipse points trigger planets or aspects in their personal horoscope. An example of this energy are the sudden deaths of George Micheal, Carrie Fisher and the beautiful Debbie Reynolds from last year.
These celebrities passed away a year ago but due to their personal planets, they all had eclipse trigger points in their horoscopes that manifested at the time of their fate. For the average person on a personal level, they may have been experiencing heart issues, panic attacks, sweating, circulation issues or shortness of breath. Feeling like a ball of nerves.
An eclipses energy can impact an event triggering 6 months or so before and up to a year after and in some cases even longer than the actual event date. One things for sure, when eclipses interact with your planets within a few degrees, they bring surprises and major life changes into your life for good or bad, like it or not.
The next eclipse of 2018 is a Solar Eclipse on February 15 at 27 degrees of Aquarius. The Moon is right beside the Sun. Aquarius the water barrier, is the 11th sign of the zodiac and symbolizes groups of people, friends and social activity as well as our fondest hopes, wishes and dreams.
This planetary energy can have some of you feeling extra feisty and on edge, just remember to breathe and take it easy. This energy brings a strong urge to go crazy over the top or to over react about something in a big way. Stay flexible and relax. Let it play out and everything will be much easier.
Overall the energy of this eclipse is pretty good and for the most part it should be of a positive nature for many people. A good day had by most shall I say.
Eclipse effects can be felt months prior to and up to a year or more following the event. In the news watch for severe weather and possible hotspots around the world to be affected could be the USA, Paris, France, Turkey and Syria as well as Bombay, India. Aquarius is an Air sign so watch for news involving the air, wind, birds, transportation especially planes, food poisoning, flu epidemic or the spread of an airborne disease.
The Solar Eclipse could be felt strongly by people born under the Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius most of all. As well as people born with planets in these signs.
Of all the signs of the zodiac, the fixed signs hate and resist change most of all.
A solar eclipse is an awe inspiring cosmic event. A Solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. This temporarily blocks out most of the light of the Sun occults, creating cosmic energy that can be felt in individuals, animals as well as influence events here on earth. 
A Solar Eclipse is considered a time of new beginnings, opportunities and excitement. The air feels electric when an eclipse is building. Eclipse typically happen four times a year and there are 5 in 2018. In ancient times an eclipse was seen as an omen of extreme change or special events and this wisdom still holds true today in relation to astrology and the events in your life.
The New Moon 🌙 Solar Eclipse on February 15 is at 27 degrees 1' min Aquarius.
The Solar Eclipse could strongly affect people born with personal planets in the Fixed astrological signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo most of all as well as people born with planets in the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
The Solar eclipse has other planetary energy associated with it that will make for an overall good day.
First off you can expect the unexpected with this one as Mercury in Sagittarius is in a stimulating aspect to Uranus. This is quite lovely as it may bring opportunity knocking or have your fondest wish suddenly come true. Unpredictable and quirky Uranus energy can bring on sudden events, unusual people, occurrences or surprises our way, especially if you're a fire sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Watch what you say and how you say it to avoid a confrontation.
Venus is also in a wonderful position with Saturn which can give a nice stable, grounding affect to the mix.
Mars square Neptune is the most challenged aspect with the eclipse. This could make for quite an emotional and upsetting day for some people. Mars represents men, aggressiveness, anger, police, military personnel, armies and acts of war. Neptune represents water, liquids, chemicals and drugs, dreams, imagination, the motion picture industry, psychics as well as bombs.
If you have several planets being touched by this energy, your physical body may be become overheated, sweaty or feverish. Take it easy and remember this is of a passing nature. Try not to give in to fearful negative thoughts of your own mind, an inferiority complex or unrealistic expectations, especially a false sense of entitlement. Avoid self-destructive habits especially with drugs or alcohol.
Pisces and Neptune also represent over doses, poisoning and suicide. In reality, life is never as dark as you feel it is, life is constantly changing and at our darkest day, we can see the light to better days.
News that you hear around this time may be lacking all the information, fake news facts or is exaggerated in some way. Be on the lookout for scam artists and people representing themselves in a false way such as fake social media profiles asking to be friends with you.
Expect to hear on the news around this time of secrets revealed, hackers, world leaders changing or having a fall from grace as well as the passing of a world leader, famous celebrity or someone of royalty. Many more sex scandals exposed.
Due to the aspects I believe the countries of the United States, United Kingdom and North Korea will be featured in the news around this time. I see it being a possibility that the crown is passed to another in the royal family of England or news of it soon to be is announced. There also may be a naughty secret revealed about a member of the royal family, VIP or celebrity with a regal aire.
Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Paris Hilton, Robbie Williams, Dr. Dre, John Travolta, Michael Jordan, Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Yoko Ono may be featured in the news because something significant happens in their lives. Solar Eclipse effects can be felt months prior to and up to a year or more following this event.
Don't worry; the eclipses are just little bumps in the road. They are all of a passing nature and everything's going to be just fine. Just go with it calmly and stay flexible.
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How the Eclipse in 2018 Effect Your Sun Sign 

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