Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Mars conjunct Pluto 2016

Mars conjunct Pluto 2016-Something wicked this Way comes

Cosmic storms on the way for the next 48 hours as Mars conjuncts or comes really close to Pluto in the earth sign of Capricorn. This can have some folks feeling really edgy, cranky and some will be downright pissed off. This has been building all week and will take a couple of days after tomorrow to dissipate the hostilities of the air. An innocent observation or comment could escalate into a very heated debate on Wednesday. This is when Mars and Pluto are right beside each other conjunct at 15° of Capricorn. If you have the urge to tell somebody what you really think of them you might just end up in a huge argument. In the mix we have several planets in air signs encouraging nervous chatty conversations so you might not be able to keep your mouth shut.
You may want to take extra care using sharp knives, machinery or if you have to handle anything that is flammable or can explode. Mars and Pluto so close in conjunction in an earth sign at this time can represent heated debates, violence, riots or even war.
You may also see in the news over the next couple of days stories of earthquakes, volcanoes or explosions. I'm not trying to scare anybody but it is better to be forewarned of negative energies. People born with planets in earth signs and Scorpio could feel this energy deeply. Mars and Pluto are very rarely subtle. There could be protests or violence associated with the final US presidential debate on Wednesday night. Unfortunately I believe a lot of verbal venom will be in store for both candidates.
Be very careful driving as well my friends, take care now.

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