Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Venus in Sagittarius 2016 an easy-going vibe

Venus in Sagittarius

October 18 to November 12, 2016
Today the planet Venus entered the fire sign of Sagittarius.
Love, relationships or matters of the heart have a softer feel and a more easy-going vibe now. People who have been having partner and relationship problems recently will breathe a sigh of relief. The last three weeks in particular have been pretty rough on some folks love life as Venus in Scorpio was an intense, jealous and possibly volcanic ride. Now that Venus has entered Sagittarius your relationships will start to feel positive, optimistic and you may want to kiss and make up. How about you suggest a little vacation for the two of you to rekindle the flame? Or perhaps a yummy dinner out to an exotic restaurant where they serve your partners favorite foreign foods.
Venus in Sagittarius can influence people to be more adventurous in love.
People born with Venus in Sagittarius are extremely imaginative, intuitive and they are generous to others. However their Dark-side can be starry eyed or prone to hypersensitivity. In a quest to aim their arrow unrealistically towards perfection, Venus in Sagittarius folks will some times view the other pasture as greener then their own. Venus in Sagittarius also loves their freedom and can suddenly bolt away from relationships that spook them.
For the next three weeks people born with Venus in Sagittarius will appear more alluring to others. This is a good time to ask for a favor as you will likely find that the answer will be yes. Others will see you as practically irresistible and want to be around you. Now is the time that is perfect to get yourself a new outfit, give yourself a makeover with a new hairdo, make up and teeth cleaning. This is an excellent time to spruce up your image and your social media image sites with the new photo or two. This will also be very harmonious energy for people born with Venus in fire signs of Aries or Leo.
Venus enters the earth sign of Capricorn on November 12, 2016.

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