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Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini

What does Venus in Gemini mean? The planet Venus is entering the zodiac sign if Gemini on Saturday April 11 at 10:29 AM EST. where she will stay until May 7th. Venus is known as the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the Goddess of romance and symbolizes love and sexual desire. Venus in astrology represents beauty, affection, love affairs, women, feminine items,  art and harmony. She also symbolizes worldly goods, money, jewelry, luxuries in life, vanity, desires and selfish behavior. Venus in your horoscope indicates your general popularity.
During her transit in Gemini, Venus is fun, youthful, flirtatious and free. She is very curious and wants to enjoy the varieties of life and love. This transit may spark a desire to explore new romantic interests and friends. People in general will be flirty, charming, witty and gay.
Favored activities during this transit include creating music, drama and art. This is an excellent time for communication, writing, literary pursuits, especially poetry as well as travel.
People born with Venus in Gemini are adaptable to life's challenges and will often re-invent themselves. Often they only want to be friends and can be difficult to pin down to a commitment in their relationships similar to Venus in Aquarius. Many with Venus in Gemini are just not into marriage. When Venus is negatively aspected in a birth chart, people will be fickle, flighty and superficial.
In relation to the human body Venus rules the complexion, throat, circulation and the kidneys. In a man's chart Venus represents his ideal woman or feminine person he is most attracted to.

Venus takes approximately 225 days to travel through the 12 signs of the zodiac.​​​

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