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Daily Stars, horoscope and astrology for June 1, 2015

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Daily Stars, horoscope and astrology

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Monday June 1, 2015

You will feel super when the Moon in Scorpio trines Venus in Cancer providing earthlings with positive water energy. Healing vibrations from the Moon is a beautiful way to start the week. Most people will feel happy and in a good mood. You will want to enjoy good food, friends as well as beautiful surroundings and or people.

Life will get more daring and adventurous when the Moon enters happy go lucky sign of Sagittarius. When Luna is in a fire sign she encourages us to take action. Do something, especially concerning the outdoors like hiking or even a picnic. If you have never been on a picnic I encourage you to do so now. The next couple of days will be favorable for beginning a vacation, engaging in sports and spending time outdoors to enjoy nature.

Tuesday, June 2
Today may feel like a dream or like your lost in the fog thanks to the Moon square Neptune. The Moon represents our feelings while Neptune is the planet of our dreams, illusion and confusion. You may not be seeing all the facts clearly today.

The Full Moon in 11° Sagittarius and Gemini is a happy, lucky, optimistic and basically a fun time. This illumination will stimulate your adventurous side as Sagittarius likes to be daring, wild and free. This full moon encourages us to connect with nature, travel and chat with friends from afar. Communications will be highlighted, especially with foreigners or friends living abroad. It will be full steam ahead tonight and you're ready to rock when the Moon trines Jupiter in Leo. Live it up.

Wednesday, June 3
The day might start with the bang or in a big way when the Moon in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. Expect the unusual and the unexpected. Did I mention it was going to be big?

Your gregarious mood from yesterday will take on a more serious tone when the Moon enters the logical sign of Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn is grounding and stable energy. The next couple of days are excellent for getting down to work, concentrating on details, logical thinking and problem solving. It is also a good time to do yard work or to work with earth.

Thursday June 4
Celestial skies are easy as there are no major aspects for today. The Moon in Capricorn makes a soft aspect to Neptune in Pisces which may have you seeking solitude, feeling a little dreamy or lost in your thoughts. This is a great aspect to read a good book or to write one for that matter. Romance is favorable at this time so take advantage of it with a candlelit dinner for two. Later intense feelings will be awakened, love, desire, even jealousy or obsessiveness may surface temporarily when the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Your current situation may temporarily take on a very serious note however fear not, this feeling will pass quickly.

Friday, June 5
Venus enters Leo
The planet Venus enters the fire sign of Leo where she will stay until July 18. At this time Venus enters the sign of Virgo briefly for less than two weeks before she will retrograde and go back into Leo until October 8. The planet Venus is symbolized by the Greek goddess Aphrodite and represents love, romance, women and beauty. The planet of love also represents money, luxury and sexual desire. During Venus's stay in Leo, we will want to look our best, have a certain pride and people will want to be noticed. Our actions will be done in a big or extravagant way, especially concerning love. Adore me, pamper me, shower me with flattering attention, extravagant gifts and love!

People born with natal Venus in Leo are happy, charming, flirtatious and generous. These people Love to be the centre of attention and are adored by all. They are the natural born showman of the zodiac. Natal Venus in Leo is absolutely a fantastic position for an entertainer or actor as they ooze charisma and charm.

Transiting Mars in Gemini makes a lovely sextile to Jupiter in Leo encouraging us to go for it. This will have you in a positive frame of mind and is a lovely time for business enterprises. However we must remember Mercury is still retrograde behind the scenes.
Nonetheless the majority of activities conducted at this time will prove to be in your benefit.

Saturday, June 6
The weekend may begin suddenly or in usual manner when the Moon enters the unconventional sign of Aquarius. The next couple of days are excellent for socializing, being with friends and joining clubs groups or organizations. Aquarius likes to think outside of the box or with no box at all for that matter. You may find yourself coming up with all kinds of wacky inventions or crazy ideas today, think of the nutty professor and your there. Someone unexpected may make their romantic intentions known to you in a unconventional way when the Moon opposes Venus in Leo. Luna also makes a lovely angle with Saturn which will provide grounding, stable energy to the day.

Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius would normally be an excellent aspect for a long term commitment, especially with business or a marriage proposal, however with Mercury being in retrograde motion, not as much. If you decide to go for it anyway, be prepared for it not turning out quite the way you expect.

Sunday, June 7
Take the day off and relax as there are no major aspects for today. The Moon in Aquarius makes a harmonious air trine to the Sun in Gemini. This angle will make for smooth sailing in the relationship department. Men and women should get along just fine.

Try not to overdo it or overextend yourself when the Moon opposes Jupiter in Leo. Someone may be boastful or promise more than they can actually deliver. The weekend may end on an exciting note when the Moon trines Mars in Gemini. You may have a brilliant idea or new desire pop into your head. Later you will be encouraged to dare to be different when the Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries. Variety is the spice of life. 
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