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Mercury Retrograde 2015 Top 10 Survial


Mercury Retrograde 2015-2016

Mercury retrograde 2015 Top 10 Survival guide

Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be a bummer, in fact your future will be bright if you follow my #Mercury retrograde 2015-2016 top 10 survival guide. What is mercury retrograde? Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears to slow down, go backwards in the sky, slow down and begin to move forward again. This is only a optical illusion that happens three to four times every year for approximately three weeks at a time per cycle. Mercury retrograde is what astrologers refer to as a transit and is a classic example of #Astrology in its simplest form. It was said in ancient times that the planets in the sky affect us here on earth, "As above, so below". This is a pattern in Astrology and your personal #horoscope.

The planet Mercury takes approximately 88 days to travel through the 12 signs of the #zodiac. In astrology, Mercury is the ruling planet of the zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini which represents all forms of communication, speech, reasoning, travel and writing. Mercury also rules over technology, electronics, social media, music and short trips. All the planets go in retrograde motion during their transits through our solar system. Like all planetary transits in astrology, Mercury retrograde will only affect you if you have these signs, planets and degrees in your horoscope. Each time Mercury goes retrograde through a sign it influences us with the characteristics of that zodiac sign. When Mercury is retrograde in #Gemini or #Virgo it affects our speech, communications and generally makes people more critical than at other times.

Currently Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until June 11. Studies and investigative work are favored at this time. During this time you can expect cancellations, missed or garbled messages, texts, phone calls, communication breakdowns, vehicle, electronic, computer and device problems. If you purchase a vehicle, computer, device or electronic item at this time you may find the item to be faulty or a lemon. Save your money. Travel plans are more prone to delays or complications and major moves may be regretted later. Mercury retrograde in Gemini also brings out con artists, liars and thieves. Keep this in mind at this time and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Beware of scams, shady sounding deals or someone promising you the Moon. You may notice for yourself that you experience these things around you. Watch for computers, electronics and vehicles not operating properly, cancelled appointments and people promising more than they can deliver. Watch what you say during this time.

Mercury retrograde is not a favorable time to sign important documents, contracts or to make major life decisions. It is not a favorable time to marry, begin a new job or to move to another country. The planet Mercury will turn direct on June 11 and things will start to get back to normal; however it is best to wait until Mercury leaves its shadow phase on June 28 to be extra sure. Business, travel and communications will run much smoother at that time. Don't worry, surviving Mercury retrograde is easy and it is a wonderful time for a redo. Recalibrate and restructure the things in your life holding you back.

Here are my Top 10 Mercury retrograde survival tips to help you. I've even thrown in a bonus.
(Before Mercury goes retrograde back up all files on your computer.)

Mercury retrograde is actually a great time to:

1 Review your life. Are you happy with the direction it is taking?

2 Re-evaluate and make improvements.

3 Re-organize and reduce your clutter. Give old items to charity.

4 Rewrite your bio and replace old photos on social media sites.

5 Double-check all travel plans. Give yourself plenty of extra time.

6 Complete projects that you already have started.

7 Clean your living space and environment.

8 Go with the flow. Everything happens for a reason.

9 Take a class or a new course of study.

10 Read everything you sign…twice.


Mercury will retrograde one more time in 2015 on September 17 - October 9 and out of its shadow phase on October 24. This time it will be in air sign of Libra putting focus on our relationships and partners.

Mercury Retrograde 2016
The planet Mercury will be retrograde four times in 2016. First in Aquarius and Capricorn, second in Taurus, third in Virgo and finally in Capricorn and Sagittarius. There is a big emphasis on the Earth signs in 2016 which will shift our focus to more earthy matters. Mercury in the earth signs is like a voice of reason pushing you towards logical thinking, reasoning, studying, and being frugal. You can gain the most benefit from this by working hard towards your goals. Mercury is encouraging and nudging us towards a more stable way of life. Life can't be a party all the time, sometimes you just have to do it and not think about it anymore.

2016 Mercury Retrograde dates
Retrograde January 6 at 1 degree of Aquarius
Direct on January 26 at 15 degrees of Capricorn

Retrograde on April 29 at 24 degrees of Taurus
Direct on May 23 at 14 degrees of Taurus

Retrograde on August 31 at 29 degrees of Virgo
Direct on September 23 at 15 degrees of Virgo

Retrograde on December 20 at 15 degrees of Capricorn
Direct on January 9 at 28 degrees of Sagittarius

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