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The Ascendant or rising sign in your Horoscope and Astrology

The Ascendant or rising sign


What is the ascendant sign? In horoscopes and astrology, your ascendant is also known as your rising sign and reveals part of your personality characteristics. Your rising sign is calculated in your horoscope and is the degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the exact time and location where you were born. The ascendant is also calculated in a horoscope for an event or the location where an event takes place. The ascendant is time and location specific and can be found at the 9 o'clock position in your horoscope chart or wheel.
Understanding the ascendant can reveal another layer of your individual personality. The ascendant or rising sign in astrology and your horoscope is how you project yourself to others. This is how you present yourself to the public and how other people see you.
Whatever Zodiac sign the ascendant is in your horoscope can reveal more details of your personality than your Sun sign will. A person will have these astrological signs general personality traits. For example, if a person has a cancer ascendant they will be sensitive, introverted and shy. If someone has Sagittarius rising they will be fun, blunt and extroverted. Aquarius rising is seen as eccentric, unusual and quirky etc. They would be first to ask...Why is the sky blue? Your rising sign is always located in your first house which is you. This is also a good astrological indication of your physical appearance and health. When a transiting planet in the sky makes an angle to your ascendant it affects you physically.

This is why general astrology forecasts in the newspaper etc. are not that accurate as they are only telling you the prediction for your Sun sign. Real astrology uses all the planets in the sky, as well as your ascendant, asteroids, mathematically calculated angles, midpoints and degree's. This precise and complicated process is achieved when an Astrologer casts your individual chart using your date of birth, location and time of birth. This is called your birth or natal chart. Having a proper horoscope cast by an Astrologer can reveal everything about your past, present and future. A proper horoscope is way more accurate than the astrology for your Sun sign in a magazine. A proper horoscope is cast specifically for you, not a general forecast for all people born in the month.

Your personal horoscope will prepare you for obstacles coming in the future as well as make you aware of extremely auspicious dates when you should initiate action for success and longevity. For example, think of it like this, it would be foolish to go sailing on a day with no wind or a hurricane approaching, right? There would be the point because you would either be at a standstill or blown out of the water. Optimally, you would go sailing when the conditions were good and the timing was right, so too with astrology. Your personal horoscope will reveal when is the best time for you to get married, start a new job or move to another country. If you truly want to be successful in this world this is the way to do it and have it last the test of time.

Astrology is all about timing for as we know timing is everything. Your personal horoscope geared only for you is your guide to success in life, sort of like a map.
This is your GPS for success in life.
by Astrologer Lisa Paron
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