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Venus in Leo 2015 Horoscope and Astrology

Venus in Leo 2015

by Lisa Paron   

The planet Venus enters the fire sign of Leo where she will stay until July 18. At this time Venus enters the sign of Virgo briefly for less than two weeks before she will retrograde and go back into Leo until October 8th. The planet Venus is symbolized by the Greek goddess Aphrodite and represents love, romance, women and beauty. The planet of love also represents money luxury and sexual desire.

During her stay in Leo, Venus will make us feel good. People will want to look their best, will show pride and will want to be noticed. Leo loves the limelight and is all about self-expression and image. People in general will have a desire to be good to themselves. They will want to present their image in the best possible way in order to receive recognition and public approval. Our actions will be done in a big or extravagant way, especially concerning love, romance and sexual desire.

Keyword phrases to remember are: Adore me, pamper me, shower me with flattering attention, extravagant gifts and love. More than anything else Venus in Leo wants the public’s approval and adoring attention.

People born with natal Venus in Leo are happy, charming, flirtatious and generous people. They are also fashionable, creative and loyal. The Lion has extravagant tastes, loves luxury and luxurious items.

They frequently over dress for the occasion as they will always appear extremely glamorous and dressed like a movie star for any occasion. They sort of have a regal air about them and want to be treated like a King or Queen, so to speak. As I said, Venus in Leo are glamorous people, always primping and preening. They always want to look their very best even for a simple backyard barbecue. Venus in Leo wants to be appreciated and positively loves to be the center of attention and adored by all. They are the natural born showman of the zodiac. 

Natal Venus and Leo is absolutely a fantastic position for an entertainer, actor or someone in the public eye such as a guru, artist, politician, interior designer, realtor or chef. They just ooze charisma and charm. People just naturally love them. Negatively aspected, Venus in Leo can make the individual dramatic even a drama queen, narcissistic and selfish.

Have you ever read your horoscope in a magazine and thought it was really vague? Then the prediction doesn't come true and your disappointed. Next thing you know, you are asking your self, "Why does my life suck?" Your life doesn't suck, that prediction wasn't written specifically for you. To truly get an accurate prediction you have to consult an Astrologer. The reason why general astrology forecasts in the newspaper etc. are not that accurate is they are only telling you the prediction for your Sun sign. Real astrology uses all the planets in the sky, as well as your ascendant, asteroids, mathematically calculated angles, midpoints and degree's. This precise and complicated process is achieved when an Astrologer casts your individual chart using your date of birth, location and time of birth. This is called your birth or natal chart. Having a proper horoscope cast by an Astrologer can reveal everything about your past, present and future. A proper horoscope is way more accurate than the astrology for your Sun sign in a magazine. A proper horoscope is cast specifically for you, not a general forecast for all people born in the month.

Your personal horoscope will prepare you for obstacles coming in the future as well as make you aware of extremely auspicious dates when you should initiate action for success and longevity. For example, think of it like this, it would be foolish to go sailing on a day with no wind or a hurricane approaching, right? There would be the point because you would either be at a standstill or blown out of the water. Optimally, you would go sailing when the conditions were good and the timing was right, so too with astrology. Your personal horoscope will reveal when is the best time for you to get married, start a new job or move to another country. If you truly want to be successful in this world this is the way to do it and have it last the test of time.

Astrology is all about timing for as we know timing is everything. Your personal horoscope geared only for you is your guide to success in life, sort of like a map.

This is your GPS for success in life.

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