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Daily Stars, Horoscope, Astrology predictions for 2015

Daily Stars, horoscope predictions and Mercury direct

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Monday, June 8, 2015
The Moon enters the watery sign of Pisces influencing people to seek solitude and privacy. The next couple of days are excellent for the imagination so if you're an artist or writer go for it now. Get lost in a good book; watch an entertaining film or just chill out in a soothing bubble bath. This is also a good time to spend with people that are confined her in the hospital. Bring grandma some flowers, she'll appreciate it and it'll make you feel good inside too.

The Sun in 17 degrees of Gemini makes a lovely angle (sextile) to Jupiter in Leo. This is sure to put everyone in a good mood and feeling fine. People in general will be light and happy as well as enjoy some lively conversations today. Expect pleasant exchanges and good times.

Tuesday, June 9
Mars in 19 degrees of Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries bringing zippy energy to all and will have you thinking of cool new ideas. Let your imagination flow at this time. In general this is a good aspect, however Mars isn't so happy about being in the sign of Gemini. In fact Mars in Gemini can make people somewhat nervous, indecisive and negatively aspected, Sharp tongues will rule.

Wednesday, June 10
The Moon enters the fiery sign of Aries which will spur some to take action. The Moon in Aries is like a power surge and provides a lot of needed extra energy. This position generally makes people feel impulsive and anxious, even pushy. The next couple of days are good for starting something new.

The planet of communications Mercury is presently in 4 degrees of Gemini and makes a harmonious aspect with Venus in Leo. This is a nice aspect for pleasant conversations and happy exchanges. Romance is favored at this time. It is a perfect opportunity to whisper sweet words into your loved ones ears.

The Sun in 19 degrees of Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries can bring an unexpected opportunity your way. At any rate this will be an unusual day where you will encounter strange and wonderful people in your travels. This can also signify a time of renewal or creative change in your environment.

Thursday, June 11
The Moon in Aries trines Jupiter in fellow fire sign of Leo. The Moon trine Jupiter is quite auspicious and generally considered a lucky aspect in astrology. Whatever it is you want to do today the Moon and Jupiter will help you out.

Mercury direct at 4 degrees of Gemini
The planet Mercury goes direct in the sign of Gemini. Mercury will slowly begin to pick up pace and get back to normal speed, zipping along in the heavens as of June 28th when mercury is finally out of its shadow phase. It's okay to initiate action a new ventures now if you want to, however if you're real stickler for details you might want to wait until after the shadow phase is over to be absolutely sure. Timing is everything after all.

Friday, June 12
Neptune retrogrades at 9 degrees of Pisces until November 18th. This will bring on a time of general confusion as Neptune is the planet of magic an illusion. Interest in spiritual matters, astrology and the paranormal will increase. Your thoughts will be cloudy at this time and it will be hard to find logic. Look to your chart to see where Neptune is transiting to see what area of your life it will affect for you this year. It is different for everyone yet this aspect is another celestial opportunity to re-examine part of your life.
The Moon enters the earth sign of Taurus for the next couple of days. This is an excellent Moon to get some work done, especially heavy or physical work. It is also a good time to work in your yard and landscaping.

Saturday, June 13
You can chill out today as there are no major aspects in the sky. The Moon in Taurus makes a nice angle to Pluto in Capricorn putting the mark of approval and success on any project you do. Go for it.

Sunday, June 14
The Sun in 23 degrees of Gemini conjuncts Mars providing an extra surge of energy. You may feel like you could move a mountain today or feel like Superman. Gemini’s should watch their temper at this time as they will be extra cranky, impatient and will have no tolerance for nonsense. 
The Moon enters the intellectual and witty zodiac sign of Gemini. The next couple of days are good for networking and catching up on those piling up emails. It is a great time for writers as it is auspicious for all literary pursuits at this time. The Moon in Gemini is also a good time to take a short trip.
The Moon in the sign of Taurus opposes Saturn. This is a challenging aspect and may have you feeling a little down in the dumps or it will put a damper on things for a while. There will be a heaviness in the air and with interactions with other people, however this influence will pass fairly quickly.
The planet Saturn enter the ambitious zodiac sign of Scorpio. Saturn is known as karma, the guru and teacher of all the planets. Saturn's placement in your personal chart is an indication of what area of your life needs improvement right now. Saturn turns direct August 2nd and stays in the sign of Scorpio until September.

Venus enters Leo
The planet Venus enters the fire sign of Leo where she will stay until July 18. At this time Venus enters the sign of Virgo briefly for less than two weeks before she will retrograde and go back into Leo until October 8. The planet Venus is symbolized by the Greek goddess Aphrodite and represents love, romance, women and beauty. The planet of love also represents money, luxury and sexual desire. During Venus's stay in Leo, we will want to look our best, have a certain pride and people will want to be noticed. Our actions will be done in a big or extravagant way, especially concerning love. Adore me, pamper me, shower me with flattering attention, extravagant gifts and love.

People born with natal Venus in Leo are happy, charming, flirtatious and generous. These people Love to be the center of attention and are adored by all. They are the natural born showman of the zodiac. Natal Venus in Leo is absolutely a fantastic position for an entertainer or actor as they ooze charisma and charm. Read more about Venus in Leo on my
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