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Daily Stars and horoscope for the week of June 15, 2015

Daily stars, horoscopes and astrology predictions for the week 
by Lisa Paron

Monday, June 15

We start the week with a lot to say as the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are now all cruising speedily through the air sign of Gemini. Communications will definitely be on the forefront today with four planets feeling the energy of the winged messenger Mercury. New ideas will be popping into your brain with lightning speed. If you have been waiting for that special call or news of some kind, it could very well come in the next couple of days. Expect to receive a lot of messages, tweets and follows through social media as well as a few phone calls to boot. Things should start to go swimmingly today as the Moon which represents our feelings makes lovely aspects with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. People in general will have a spring in their step.

Tuesday, June 16
New Moon in Gemini-­‐Rock on

The New Moon today is very lucky for new ventures or ideas with the Moon at 25 degrees of Gemini. The next couple of days are good for taking a risk and initiating action. If you've had some ideas swimming in your head and you haven't been sure when to act on them now is the time. The planet Mars is also very close by energizing this New Moon to the max. The impulsive energy of Mars will really stimulate people's desire to go for it, make their dreams come true and to launch their ideas into reality. Rock on!

All this luck and stuff might have you feeling like a yummy snack as the Moon enters the domestic sign of Cancer at 5:51 PM EST. The next couple of days are favorable for spending time with family, children, pets and any other activity that involves your home life. This is an excellent time to treat your family to a home cooked meal so try out that new recipe, they'll love it. It's also a favorable time to work with plants, flowers and gardening in general.

Wednesday, June 17
There are no nasty major aspects happening today and we're still feeling the happy effects of the energizing new Moon of yesterday. The Moon in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces which can stir your imagination as they are both in water signs. This is great energy for creating art, music and also will activate your psychic sense of awareness. You will feel in tune with your surroundings as well as with people’s feelings.

Later in the day, things could turn a little emotional, serious and perhaps intense when the watery Moon makes an opposition to Pluto in earthy Capricorn. We all know that if you mix water and earth you get mud, so prepare yourself for a little bit of emotional turbulence or a reality check.

Thursday, June 18
The planet of abundance Jupiter which is currently transiting in the sign of Leo begins to trine Uranus in fellow fire sign of Aries. The exact trine will happen next week however we will begin to feel the effects now building up until then. Jupiter trine Uranus 2015 is a game changer and will bring some wonderful unexpected opportunities our way. These are epic, life changing opportunities, so make sure to answer when it knocks. Stay tuned for a happy surprise.

Overall this is another day when there are no major negative aspects causing celestial storms. However the Moon in Cancer makes a couple of challenging yet minor aspects today which could have sensitive types feeling a little nervous or overwhelmed. Later the Moon squares off with Uranus in Aries which is notorious energy for erratic thinking, unexpected behavior and speech. People in general will be feeling overly sensitive so really watch your tongue or there could be an unexpected emotional outburst that you will regret later.

Friday, June 19
Unlike yesterday, people in general will be patient, reserved and in control of their emotions when the Moon trines Saturn today. Just think of Spock from Star Trek and you'll get the idea. It's a good day to finish one's business before the weekend starts and to tie up any loose ends. This is a good day to seek counsel or advice from an older or more mature person. You may be thinking of times gone by as Saturn will have you feeling rather nostalgic.

The Moon enters the fire sign of Leo where she will stay for the next couple of days. The Moon in Leo is auspicious for romance, dating and yes good old fashioned courting. Take a chance and ask someone out for a date as this energy will help you come across as charming and swag. Really make a good impression by presenting flowers and you will be a winner. The Moon in Leo is good energy to buy gold and jewelry. This is also a favorable time to make a good impression, sales pitch or seek the advice of an authority type.

Saturday, June 20
The weekend starts with you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside thanks to the Moon conjunct Venus in the fire sign of Leo the lion. Karma will drop in when Saturn in Scorpio makes an angle with Pluto in Capricorn which could signify a rebirth, renewal or rejuvenation of some area of your life. Exactly which area it is can only be determined when you look at your birth chart and the transits affecting it
. Later on the Moon cozies up to Jupiter as well as makes harmonious aspects with Uranus. This auspicious energy can bring a pleasant surprise.

Sunday, June 21
Reality checks could come crashing down when the Moon squares off with stern Saturn who is considered the teacher of the planets. Think of Saturn as the disciplinarian and authority figure in your life. Saturn is like the cop writing you a ticket and can sometimes feel like a wet blanket or cold bucket of water thrown in your face and squashing your plans. This serious energy will have some Capricorns and Aquarius feeling a little cranky or down in the dumps briefly this morning. Partners of Capricorn or Aquarius should provide plenty of coffee for their grumpy mate and back off or you may feel the wrath.

The Sun enters the watery sign of Cancer at 11:38 AM EST, where it will stay until July 22. Over the next month this will shift our focus to our home life and domestic affairs.

The Moon enters the industrious sign of Virgo she will stay for the next couple of days. This is an excellent time to for studying, working, cleaning your house and removing clutter in your life. Box up the items you don't need and donate them to charity. This is also a good time to really shine at work and impress the boss. The Moon in Virgo is a favorable time to adopt a healthier lifestyle as your health will be on your mind.

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